Monday, 5 July 2010

Gambar Tepung Tang Mien

Here I attach the picture of  'Tepung Tang Mien', there're also other brand of it, you can see here. You can use it to make Hakao Udang and Bakpao. Hopefully this helps you all who's curious about it.

Donat ala J.CO

Donat ala J.CO, originally uploaded by Ling jia.
It's called Donat ala J.CO since the recipe use "Komachi flour", special flour for making bread and donut. No potato used in the recipe, the result is soft, yummy.

Bakpao Daging

Bakpao Daging, originally uploaded by Ling jia.
A little bit open at top, but I made better shape of bakpao.

Roti Sobek